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How it began.

Coastal Georgia has long been overlooked for good, reliable internet.  Coastal Broadband, Inc. was created, to answer that need.  We became operational in June of 2020 and our network now covers 30 neighborhoods  in the Coastal Georgia region and we are continuing our expansion!

Our network is a hybrid network that incorporates state-of-the-art microwave, combined with fiber optic to provide a speed-of-light internet experience. We are locally owned and operated and our number one priority is excellent customer service.

We've engineered a new generation of connectivity.

It all starts with a fiber optic backbone.  Then we use high speed microwave equipment to create commercial grade service to your home or business. At your residence or business, we use a very small microwave device to connect to that signal and create a speed-of-light connection. Depending on your needs we either provide fiber to the home or other high speed cabling to bring that connection inside.  Currently we are providing fast, reliable internet with speeds of up to 1 Gigabit.

How we roll.

At Coastal Broadband, we have two key operating strategies.  Providing honest, transparent pricing with no hidden add-on fees.  Most ISP's have charges for router rental, franchise fees, and other costs that can add up to $20-25 to your internet bill.  At Coastal Broadband, the cost is simple and straight forward, no hidden fees and surcharges.  Secondly, we have set the new standard for over-the-top customer service and responsiveness.  Calls are handled quickly and issues are resolved.  We monitor our network 24/7 and our policy is to reach out to the customer with an issue instead of the customer being left out or in the dark.  Our technology allows us to see issues before the customer sees the issue.

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