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Coastal Broadband was born out of necessity.

About Us

Coastal Broadband was formed out of necessity in an area of Georgia that has long been deprived of broadband service.  

In 2020 during a worldwide pandemic when the demand for telehealth and education were urgently needed and 22% of our nation's workers were teleworking from home.  Coastal Broadband understood the need was immediate and accepted the challenge.

After many discussions with neighbors in the Sunbury, Colonel's Island and surrounding coastal communities, the company realized that, not only were broadband service options poor but many residents were isolated entirely from internet service.  Broadband service was simply not available.

Since that time, Coastal Broadband has single handedly transformed a sleepy little corner of our beautiful state by providing state-of-the-art broadband service, while at the same time closing the gap and securing the digital divide.

Coastal Broadband has developed the reputation of understanding customer needs, solving problems and providing spot on customer service and quick response to customer needs.

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