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Fast, reliable and secure
internet and VoIP phone service to power your business.

When you choose Coastal Broadband as a trusted partner, you'll get industry-leading reliability, a comprehensive range of scalable tailor-made tech solutions as your business grows, and support that will always go the extra mile.

Coastal Broadband is a fully authorized Vonage Business  Channel Partner.

Vonage Business Communications offers unified communication, scalability, cost savings, mobility, and robust collaboration tools. It streamlines communication, scales with business growth, reduces expenses, supports remote work, and enhances teamwork with messaging, file sharing, and video conferencing, making it an ideal solution for businesses seeking efficient and flexible communication solutions.  To learn more about the power and flexibility of Vonage Business, and for a non-obligatory free consultation please contact us 912-438-5709

What happens when your internet quits working?  Quite simply, your business stops!

A double WAN failover system is crucial for business continuity. It ensures uninterrupted internet connectivity by automatically switching to a backup connection if the primary one fails. This redundancy prevents downtime, loss of productivity, and potential revenue loss. In today's digital landscape, a reliable double WAN failover is vital for staying competitive.  Regardless of who your internet provider is, you should choose Coastal Broadband as your redundant failver.

What your business can expect from Coastal Broadband Business Internet.


Local Expertise: As a locally owned ISP, we understand our community's needs.

Rapid Response: We guarantee a 30-minute truck roll if needed.

Symmetrical Speeds: Enjoy speeds from 200 Mbps to 1 Gig with equal upload and download rates.

Versatile Plans: We cater to various users, from basic internet to power users.

Unprecedented Uptime and Reliability: Count on unmatched uptime and consistent performance.

Business Internet Starting At:


With Auto pay.

(912) 438-5709

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