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Customer Testimonials

"Just a note to let you know that we are over the top satisfied with our internet service.  As I mentioned to you, that I work from home and spend hours a day conducting webinars and other on-line consulting.  Coastal Broadband has yet to let me down"

Our customers have some really great things to say about us!

David S.

"I just wanted to say thanks!  Coastal Broadband always quickly responds to us and that really means a lot."


Nina M.

"Thanks for the amazing response to our cut line.  The fact that you came out in 30 minutes to get us back up is nothing short of Coastal Broadband's commitment to excellence"

Lance T.

"I reached out to technical support the other day and it was great not talking to a person in another country."

Robert L.

"I love the way Coastal Broadband sends out alerts and constantly monitors the network for issues.  The fact that your company reaches out to me with an issue instead of me contacting you is a very big deal."

Lawrence P.

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