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Cut your streaming TV costs by installing an HD Over-The-Air Antenna.

Experience the Coastal Broadband advantage! Say goodbye to costly cable bills and enjoy free, crystal-clear HD channels with our expert OTA antenna installation. With reliable reception, a wide variety of local content, and hassle-free setup, Coastal Broadband is your gateway to affordable, high-quality entertainment.

Coastal Broadband provides fast and professional OTA HD Installation.

  1. Free HD Channels: Enjoy crystal-clear, high-definition local channels.

  2. Cost-Efficient: Cut cable bills and access local content for free.

  3. Reliable Reception: Get uninterrupted signals, even during storms.

  4. Wide Channel Variety: Access a range of local news, sports, and entertainment.

  5. Easy Installation: Quick setup with our expert team at Coastal Broadband.

No Monthly Costs!

Professional Installation


Plus Antenna


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